• Business Guide

Business Guide

  • Electrical Wiring
    We do various work ranging from wiring new buildings, adding electrical outlets to installing air conditioning units to factories and such.
  • Rack Enclosures
    Beginning with 19-inch racks and others such as audio-visual system rack enclosures, we provide overnight installation of ISO certified quality earthquake and calamity-proof products.
  • Server Room Building
    We provide production of rack mounts suited to the room to be a server room, and arranging electric wiring and network cabling.
  • Network Building
    We will suggest options and designs for your networking and vertical system wiring in and outside your building, supplying LAN cabling to every desk.
  • Design, Manufacturing and Construction, such as for Racks and Various Hardware
    We produce the necessary mounts and hardware in the construction of special outlets, patchcords and electrical switch board breakers.
  • Other Services
    Installation of cameras inside and outside of your building for security and equipment failure. We also provide a dispatch service.